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3 June 2009

  • June 2009 -- starting a new website - how to live and prosper with no ruler, no government:
    http://no-ruler.net.  Join us and help -- this is being done with Joomla! and it's a new learning curve!
  • June 2009 -- The economic situtation is going to become even worse than anticipated.  We are going to plunge into a worldwide deep dark abyss.  Our government will be bankrupt and this time it will disappear.  The problem is the immorality of Force.  If we are ever to recover, there will be a period during which we can transition to a minimal or no government.  As most people won't understand this, it's gonna be a real battle. 
  • April 2008 -- Due to the ongoing and worsening economic crisis, my attention has moved to my new website http://morality101.net with blogger at http://morality101.net/blog/.  You should be paying attention to this!
  • Fall 2007 -- Our domain-name zelltree.com was usurped by Godaddy.com, so we finally had to become zelltree.NET.  We were lost in the wilderness with that hassle for a long time.  If you find your way here, make sure to change your bookmark(s)!   If you care, read my http://ronkz.tripod.com/
  • October-November 2005 - finally back to updates and major changes to the website.  Gave up on almost all of the variations on ZellTree, just too much work.  May take a couple of weeks to get it all revamped, so keep watching!
  • August-September 2005, long trip to Wisconsin to see my family and wrap up gen-research there.  Finally found the 1853 homestead of g.g.grandparents Mike & Anna, and more.  Also spent a great day up in Door County and had a terrific whole long day with being toured around numerous cemeteries shooting pics of Felhofer kin headstones with a super-guide.  All this now needs to be processed and put here on ZellTree, coming up!
  • 9 Jul 2004 - have changed the theme & rearranged some navigation.  Found 24 Z's missing/dead in WW1-2; they'll be included in the family-trees as those are updated. 
    We've also made a good start on webpages with pictures from our towns in Bavaria.  Follow links under Maps, Places & Pics.  Exploring that a bit you'll find yourself in "Castle Country"!
  • 26 Jun 2004 - We have given up on phpGedview and removed that entire subweb.  The webpage phpGedView data explains; that page will also be removed in about a month.

    Gedcom is dead - we have run extensive tests which are available in an unlinked website.  eMail me with your name, city, state & gen-application used, and I will disclose the URL.  Privacy will be maintained for this study because it is potentially damaging to some applications - certainly not our intent.  The problem is less with the applications than with Gedcom and it's so-called "standards".
  • 23 Jun 2004 - Running into awful problems now with websites using Gedcom data, because there is no way of exporting Gedcoms with complete accuracy.  People are appearing with AKA's, location coordinates lost, just oodles of information coming thru "not quite the same".  Gedcom must be used to transfer data into GedView, GenCircles and Ancestral Quest, so all are affected by varying degrees.  Those formats produced directly with Legacy are the only ones which will have all data as written.

    I have switched the main name of John Michael Zellhoefer to his AKA baptismal name of Johann Konrad.  Still using John Michael as an AKA, but it may show up either way, depending on whether gedcom was involved.
  •  A warning those involved in computerized genealogy work, GEDCOM IS DEAD but not yet buried.  With the evolution of genealogy applications using new non-standard data-fields, there is no way of moving data from one application to another via gedcom without many errors.  This is NOT curable within gedcom, and I see as only a current trend to "direct import" as a solution.

    I have some online data available on request - eMail your name and the name/version of your current gen-app to access some rather astounding test data.
  •  21 Jun 2004 - the first day of summer and my birthday - quite fitting for a solar home guy, you think?  I'm 66 today and still plugging along, but finding it necessary to do a little less.

    Yesterday I published the latest/greatest data to the GenCircles link.  For those without a lot of savvy in genealogy and webpages, Family Tree Legends makes it all amazingly easy.  FTL is not the biggest/best gen-app, but it's stable and quite easy to use.

    There will be some shortfalls in the data there, due to the inabilities of GEDCOM to pass along the special data-fields in Legacy.  It's way past time to replace GEDCOM - it's really been making my life miserable.

    My whole data today has been consumed with replacing the link to the Gedcircles website, which came out a bit differently after the upload.  It was simply something I had not noticed when I started with that project a couple of months ago, and shouldn't happen again.  But I'm uploading all my webpages today because the change applied to all pages; sucha drag.
  • 31 May 2004 - fixed a bad link to SourceDocs which has been there a long time - very sorry, but nobody said anything!  This will return only a list of files, which you'll have to select by name only, and can then download.  All have been checked w/NAV.  Have a good Memorial Day Weekend!
  • 27 May 2004 - bought Ancestral Quest, primarily for it's better index view, which is completely sortable - something much needed in connecting our "islands".   Because Legacy's webpages have never been exactly to my liking, and then further because they have some built-in web-page bugs, I went ahead today and produced a full AQ file-set and just finished uploading it.  

    AQ has fewer choices, but I like it's formatting, and while I'm still checking and fine-tuning, I have not noticed any super-wide pages such as Legacy's been dumping on us.  There will be some data-misconnects because of the sorry way GEDCOM handles things, but....   I consider AQ a temporary tool for special purposes, but you might find the AQ webpage output better  Abandoned October 2005
  • 24 May 2004 - a real "biggie" in discovery at LDS IGI (I am almost certain it's new data there) tends to support my believe of Z-migration from Pulkau to Martinsberg in Austria.  We found in Martinsberg the parents (Paul) and grandparents (Mathias, b.c.1720) of Kaspar Zellhofer, AND bearing given names matching earlier same in Pulkau.   In particular, Mathias is a given name found earlier in Pulkau and earlier still back in Gresten, but not common to Martinsberg!  This could be a big step in closing these gaps.   Try this link on the new AQ format:  Abandoned October 2005
  • 4 May 2004 - just a short test with a few people, using webpages generated by Ancestral Quest.  If you would please look and give me some feedback, much appreciated! 

  • 3 May 2004 - Been a frustrating 10 days!  Now working on a new Pedigrees Format file-set - it's been horribly difficult and has used up my last several days.  Should be there by tomorrow night.

  • 23 April 2004 - Sorry, things once again got messed up and I've been so busy getting it straight again there was no time to report.  I think all's well now and still "gaining on it"!

  • 12 April 2004 - This morning I downloaded and installed Family Tree Legends.  During the installation process it walked me thru importing my ZellTree data, AND published it to GenCircles - easy as pie!  So at the moment it's the "latest and greatest" presentation of ZellTree data - go have a look and give some feedback!  Thanks!

  • NAVIGATION NOTE - using an Apache Server on Unix is demanding some changes - it doesn't like capital letters for folder names!  So a big transition is underway to fix that.  So e.g. if you get a "page not found" at e.g. Pedigrees, change the P to p.  May take a long time for me to get all fixed, sorry!  (and I'm feeling sorry for me now, too!)  All folder names are now changed to lower-case (page-names remain mixed-case)

  • Easter Sunday - Still working on things - the website went "down" for three days last week - still learning! 

  • 29 March 2004 - I'm working to install a translation tool which will translate from English to German for our many friends in Germany and Austria.  I have found only one free tool (and free is all we can afford!) which should work but I need some help with a bit of java/html code.  I have given up amd deleted this page.

  • 27 March 2004 - broke down and upgraded FrontPage 2000 to 2003 - now comes yet another learning curve for this old man!

  • Digging deeper for "Zell bei Zellhof" with another new page about places Zell... in Austria.

  • Downloaded all 1870 census images for Sullivan Township in Jefferson County, Wisconsin.

    This Link will return a list of our census image files, which you can download from there.  That resulted in making a few more links and corrections, particularly re: Freidel.

  • The Pedigrees Subweb is fixed - everyone is there again!  That is SO much work!  Also had to fix a bad image link in the top border.

  • 27 March 2004 - Somehow the GedView database disappeared from our server.  It's back now, and I'm still tinkering with it -- for a LONG time yet, I think!  You might start (deleted)

  • 26 March 2004 - A problem with missing files in Pedigrees is being fixed now - should be done tonight.  Sorry, I didn't know!!

  • 22 March 2004 - GedView !  Probably the most exciting thing for me in these years of work ~ give this a try  ~ (deleted) ~ (also new link at top left).  Update 12 April - exciting yes, but I am having troubles making it work right and look like the rest of ZellTree - please hang in there!

    I just got this running today - there is fixing needed over the next few days, but this will probably be the only way I will need to present our database in the future.  I can post a completely updated data-set in a couple of hours now, not 8 months!  You'll have choices on the fly and the 5 different data formats will become unnecessary and will disappear from ZellTree because they won't be needed.  Please test this - I need to know what you think is right or wrong, the kudo's and the boo's all requested!!

  • The story of Mike Zellhoefer and wives Anna & Elnora is rewritten ~ MikeZ Anna Elnora & kinder ~ we still need some help!

  • Reorganization of pages now underway.  Maps and pictures will be combined in locations.  Major family groups will have their own sections under their beginning ancestors.  The Gresten crest lands on our top header, and more are coming.

  • Now groups for WebFinds and Download (source) files - not so much new as simply easier to find and get-to now!  I am finding that subwebs are easier and faster for me to work with, so am planning more.  It will also help with getting the re-organization completed and (I hope!) coherent.

  • Rearranged the links border on the left (again) - pay attention now to the new SubWebs Group - all the data formats plus some older things re-organized and somewhat cleaned up!

  • 8 March 2004 - New Pedigrees File-set - this is the absolute latest now.

  • I'm still having some troubles with FrontPage formatting and with links to the various data formats.  Therefore I am republishing much of ZellTree - not with new data, but in an attempt to correct some problems.  If you get snagged, either go elsewhere in the website or come back in a couple of hours -- it usually doesn't take that long!

  • Some considerable work on LEY /  DEBEREINER  /  PFEIFFER branch.  I plan to upload new Pedigree files in the next couple of days to include that.  Warning tho, I don't know when I'll be updating the other formats!

  • Battling with FrontPage 2000, which will NOT behave.  Because the FrontPage Server Extensions can't handle the page-count in ZellTree, I had to remove them, which caused some things to stop working.  It has been driving me nuts trying to keep FrontPage from overwriting my table format for upper and lower borders - that has been a problem forever!  So work on formatting is ongoing, I guess!

  • But one happy result is switching to Google for our "Search Page"- now it may be useful again!

  • I've been going thru older webpages, trying to clean those up, and in several cases have made changes to make them load faster.

  • Everything from the Tripod websites has been moved here within and they're empty now.  In the future they may be used for special little projects, such as documents in translation, or who knows?  Right now there's absolutely nothing to be found on those!

  • Next on my task-list is to include many pictures which are already here but haven't been linking with the people who wear the faces!  Another week or two.

  • Later on my task-list I will be trying to organize you folks to pay for some research in early Austria.  It's time to put the all together, and it's going to cost!  Expect that we will convert some portions of ZellTree to subscriber-only.


The names ZellTree, SolarSense Designs,  and all works within this website, are copyright 1998 thru 06 Dec 2009 by Ron Klotz Zellhoefer.   Permission is given to copy & print for private archival purposes only.  Republishing of DATA ONLY (not webpages!) to other websites is permitted IF credited to Ron Klotz Zellhoefer and ZellTree.  Please, let's verify and collaborate first!