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The Zellhoefer home farm
Brachbach Nr 7, 1267

Owners of 1267 Brachbach 7

Google translation typewritten text at bottom:
In schadens statistic [damage estimate] the manor Unternzenn the messuage Waehrend [waehrend, meaining during or while] of the 30-jaehrigen of war is called "desert", this applies also to doe mortgage registers. Did the owners therefore live on other messuages?

Retranslation from the Google:
In damage estimate the manor [estate] Unternzenn freehold during the 30 years of war was called "barren / desert / waste". 

Other translations:
heirat witwe = inherited by widow
kauf = purchase
erbe = inheritance
messuage = (an English word appearing in translations from German, meaning the house, outbuildings and land, the land being owned or "freehold", not rented)
tausch gegen = received in trade or exchange

Research notes:  

The 1696 transfer to Hans Zellhöfer fits beautifully with the 1695 marriage to the widow Margaretha (Hartmann) Landshuter, but the ages/dates do not seem to fit the 1648 acquisition of the farm by Hans Landshuter.  Did Hans Landshuter have a "Junior" who married Margaretha Hartmann?

The years of transfer correspond with questionable years from the GGZ autobiography:

  • 1838 kauf to Ursula Barbara Leupold.  Ursula Barbara Zellhoefer was a daughter of Johann Joseph & Anna Margaretha Hofmann who married Johann Leonhard Leupold.  The year of purchase MIGHT match the (uncertain)  year of migration for eldest son Johann Jacob to the USA?  This sounds more like a mortgage than a transfer of property.
  • 1846 kauf to Johann Sinzel matches the migration of Johann's widow Anna nee: Hofmann & their remaining children to Wisconsin, USA.  GGZ had written the farm was sold not long before migration of the family.
  • 1852 kauf to Michael Eberlein corresponds with the March 1853 migration of John Michael Zellhoefer to Wisconsin, USA.

Perhaps the "mortgage registers" note above may help explain?


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