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We are intensely researching the Zellhöfer's of Austria; all located within the District (State) of Niederoesterreich (aka Austria Lower).  Some migrated exulanten from Gresten to Bavaria 1636-1671, and others from the kreis Zwettl to the United States in the 1800's.   It appears that during the exulanten period some migration may have gone from Gresten to Pulkau, and some of those later on to Kleinpertholz bei Martinsberg in Zwettl.

The early information from within Austria is rather scarce and difficult to research, so input and further assistance would be hugely appreciated.

A list of towns in Austria, together with the relatives found in those towns, is new to ZellTree as of June 2004, and hopefully will be useful to others searching our lines.  As time passes we hope to create webpages for each of those towns.

Meanwhile this page is a beginning of maps and pictures located.  All are thumbnails - click for a large picture, and "enjoy".

http://www.noe.gv.at/English/Topics-in-English.html is an excellent data and statisics source for Niederoesterreich.  RightClick / Translate works great on this website if you have the Google toolbar installed.

http://www.austrianmap.at/ will bring you an absolutely incredible mapsite, done on topographies and showing even small homesteads.  Yes in der deutsch, but not too hard to navigate.

oesterreichkarte_bl.gif (17788 bytes) The Districts (States) within Austria.
This thumbnail will take you to some great pictures of Gresten on another website - the link will open in a new window.

That website is by John & Eleanor Blankenbaker, the aka's being Blankenbuehler, Plankenbueler and Plankenbichel, who have a very early blood connection to our tree which we have yet to track.  They have done very extensive and impressive research on that line.

KarteAnreiseEisenstrasse.jpg (219802 bytes) Map of Gresten / Gresten Land area
Grosspertholz1649.jpg (279612 bytes) Grosspertholz 1649 (kreis Gmund)

These two beautiful old pictures were forwarded to us by Mani Hertlein of Weihenzell, Bavaria.

Langenschlag1649.jpg (268833 bytes) Langenschlag 1649 - have not found this town-name, but have found 2 towns Langschlag in kreis Zwettl.

Don't know that is a Z-location - it's just a nice old pic.

GrestenAreaMap1.gif (14499 bytes) This map shows Gresten and surrounding towns, some of which were the homes of our family. 

The webpage is in German, with links to more information and pictures on the towns shown.


I have found MultiMap very useful in finding our towns of old.  This link will take you there to a map of that area of Niederoesterreich from which a number of Zellhöfer's emigrated in the days of yore.  The town of Gresten is not visible at this scale, but is located left-center.  Within the map area are several other small towns from which the family lived, and where some live yet today.

The link will open in a new window.

GrestenFarm.jpg (12518 bytes) A Gresten farm picture found at confluence.org.

There are several places (farms?) by Gresten from which Zellhoefer's were known,  named Steigerhof, Holzapfel, Unteramt and more - even a place called Zellhof, which MUST be a root place, but we've not been able to find that tie.

BadGrosspertholzOverview.jpg (30183 bytes) Pictures are hard to find, but this is a view of Bad Grosspertholz....
BadGrosspertholzChurch.jpg (20265 bytes) and a church in Bad Grosspertholz
950523k_Kaletenbachteich_Kleinpertholz.jpg (73983 bytes) Kaltenbachteich, Kleinpertholz
PulkauVinYard.jpg (23755 bytes) The Hans Bauer vineyard in Pulkau, winter scene
PulkauKeller.jpg (17298 bytes) and the winery, called keller.  I wonder if his wine is good?!
Zwettl.jpg (22290 bytes) Overlooking Zwettl
Zwettl02.jpg (385360 bytes) Zwettl, I have no idea what this is - the poster didn't say!

The names ZellTree, SolarSense Designs,  and all works within this website, are copyright 1998 thru 06 Dec 2009 by Ron Klotz Zellhoefer.   Permission is given to copy & print for private archival purposes only.  Republishing of DATA ONLY (not webpages!) to other websites is permitted IF credited to Ron Klotz Zellhoefer and ZellTree.  Please, let's verify and collaborate first!