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Places "Zell...." in Niederoesterreich

29 March 2004 ~ this morning I learned of a place called "Zell bei Zellhof" while looking at a http://www.mistelbacher.at/index.php , knowing that we have Mistelbauer's early in our history, and interested in what researcher Marcus Mistelbacher had done with his phpGedView.

As our research has reached a point demanding more specific knowledge of the Z-locations in Niederoesterreich, this sent me off on a search for "Zell bei Zellhof", which almost surely would have some serious connection to the Zellhofer tree. 

I didn't have much luck at my favorite MultiMap, which wasn't running right this morning, so I went to http://www.austrianmap.at/.  There I had some rather astoundingly good fortune.  As I proceeded, I opened NotePad and noted the results:

Zell bei Zellhof, Austria Page
World:Austria:Bundesland OberosterreichLatitude 48.35 Longitude 14.6666667 Altitude (feet) 1873
Lat (DMS) 48° 21' 0N Long (DMS) 14° 40' 0E Altitude (meters) 570

Multimap does not find whole term & is not showing coordinates today.
search for Zellhof finds Bad Zell north of Scheibbs & east of Linz
search for Zell finds with Unterzell and Oberzell near St. Polten

AustriaMap did not find the place sought, at least not by that very specific name, but finds many others, all shown in their incredible topographical format:

Zellhof Scheibbs 4803n 1504e a homestead n of Gresten e of Purgstall

Zellhof Schiebbs 4757n 1502e a homestead just s of Gresten

Zellhofer Bach Freistadt OO 4823n 1446e

Zell Sankt Polten NOE 4807n 1544e tiny hamlet just se of St Polten

Zell an der Ybbs, Waidhofen an der Ybbs, 4757n 1446e mit Unterzell, a small town very near Waidhofen

Zell-Arzberg, Waidhofen an der Ybbs, 4757n 1448e, homestead in above.

Zellenbach, Weiner Neustadt, 4753n 1545e, a stream
" Neunkirchen, 4751n 1541e
" Weiner Neustadt 4752n 1550e

Zeller Kapelle, Mistelbach 4834n 1628e near Schletz und Mistelbach

Zeller Rain, Scheibbs 4747n 1512e, a homestead near Taschelbach

Zeller Steig, Lilienfeld, 4746n 1533e , a hillside homestead below Gamsmauer/Gippel & above bach Stille Mürz

Zeller Steig, Lilienfeld, 4747n 1535e, a road along back Stille Mürz

Zellinger, Weiner Neustadt, 4750n 1559e, a homestead e of hamlet Dürnbach s of Reichental se of Pernitz

Having the coordinates for these locations provides some good possibilities.  Perhaps later I will come up with a map showing all these places, which would help put all this in perspective.  Included in that would be a zoom-in of the Gresten area, which would show the several farms / homesteads occupied by Zellhofer's of the earliest days.

I would be most interested the input of anyone who might know something more about any of these locations!!  Thank you!


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