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Hanss m.Hartmann 1695

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Hanss Zellhofer married
the widow Margaretha nee: Hartmann Landshuter
1695, Obernzenn, kreis NEA, Mittelfranken

Warning - this is a big image and will take serious time to download!
 RonKZ notes: 

The image below regarding the oldest of my ancestors linked to date, my 6th great grandfather.  It appears it will hold information helping with our connection back into Austria, so what it contains may be very important.

I have posted this on a webpage in hopes someone from BAV-ANC might be be able to make sense of the handwriting and poor quality.  I've enhanced the image as best I could, but it is impossible for me because I understand so little German.  What is needed is transcription /  translation into English, and hope that someone - ? YOU ? - can accomplish this small but difficult task.  Of course that help will be immensely useful and appreciated!

The image was received this morning (11 May 2003) from Manfred Hertlein of Weihenzell.  His enclosure comment follows:

"Enclosed I send you the copy of a document, its shows the Marriage-Certificate of Hans Z. with a Margaretha from Brachbach (see left side of the document). This Document is from the Church-Records of Obernzenn from 1695 (or 1696, not sure) and must be the Marriage-Certificate of Hans Z. with Margaretha, Widow of a Landshuter, born as a Hartmann. I cannot do a better copy and I cannot read the document just now. Hope I found a friend he make this for me (you). This is the only one document was I have. Sorry. But I think, it is a fine Sunday-starter.  Mani."

We have other information regarding his son Johann from which we can include the towns of Lentersdorf, Egenhausen and Brachbach b. Obernzenn amongst the possible locations.

Thank you - Ron Klotz Zellhoefer of Arizona, USA

Help from Anna Luise Smith:

My ability to read Old German is minimal. I can read some words.
it is the Hochzeits Register. Marriage Register, 12, listing Hans Zellhofer und Margaretha (it looks like in) the next letter seems to be an old B or G. followed by r a f h o f. Like Grafhof. The first sentence I believe reads "Nach dreimaliger proclamation 22, 23, 24" (after the third time proclamation) Anno refers to " year" 1695.Line 2 reads "copiert" Copied. It looks like "Lediger" meaning Single and Zellhofer and I keep going back to the line 4 "am Sangergrund" and the word ??troffen. Sangergrund is a location and ??troffen could be Meet or met.

from Tamara in Sunny San Diego:

... the marriage took place 5 November 1695 and the banns were posted the 22, 23 and 24th Sundays in Trinity.

According to my mother's book, that symbol in front of 5 November
means that it was a Tuesday.

from Mani:

yes, I think Größen means Gresten from Niederösterreich (Nieder = down)

from AlijaBav: (more readable form)

Hochzeitregister ???
No. 12
Hans or Haus Zellhöfer und Margaretha in Brachbach

No. 288 oder 286  -  Anno 1695
L1: Nach dreimaliger Proclamation, 22, 23, 24 Trin. - Word unreadable -
L2: ehelich copuliert F. S. November or 5. November [either this is the
......name of the priest or the date of the marriages ??] der besch????
......or leschri?? -
L3: Hans / Haus ? Zellhöfers (lese das Z jedoch als G o.ä.), lediger ???dte -
L4: und angehender Unterthan - [maybe "zu"] -  Brachbach, - des or del -
......word unreadable -
L5: word unreadable - Hanser [Hans (?)] Zellhöfers, gewesener Marggräflicher
L6: Unterthaner - word unreadable - B/La?d/sers - word unreadable, - in die??
L7: word unreadable - word unreadable - word unreadable - eheleiblicher Sohn.
L8: mit Margaretha, - word unreadable - ?au??? - word unreadable -
L9: - word unreadable - Trestschher??? or Festschher??? or Tedtschh???
.....Unterthan - word unreadable (maybe "zu". ?) - Brachbach ??? - word
.....unreadable -
L10: unreadable to me

Left Column
Marriage register, No. 12, [this could either mean it was the 12. marriages performed in a given month or it could mean it was the 12th day of a month]
Hans Zellhoefer and Margaretha in Brachbach

Right Column
No. 288 or 286 - In the year 1695
L1: After three times proclamation, on the 22., 23., 24. Trin. [I think this means
.....Trinitatis = a church term for a given time frame] - word unreadable
L2: could either mean
.....F. S. November (name of the priest) performed the marriage of the people
..... name afterwards...........  OR  ... means
.....on the 5. of November the following people were married
L3: Hans Zellhoefer, the single [not yet married] - word unreadable - word
......unreadable -
L4: and supposed to be citizen/subject (serf) [** see my notes below] of
.....Brachbach - the
L 5 and L 6:
for the English translation the words are not in the same sequences as they are in the original German text
L5: matrimonial son of the already died Hans Zellhoefers, who was a
L 6: citizen/subject
L 8: with Margaretha, rest of the words unreadable
L 9: ….citizen/subject of Brachbach ……
L 10 …..unreadable to me

Translates to:
After three times proclamation on the 22., 23., 24. Trin.  - either -
F. S. November (name of the priest) performed the marriage of…. OR
on the 5. of November the following persons were married:
Hans Zellhoefer, single, not yet married and a supposed to be citizen/subject of Brachbach, the martrimonial son of the already dead Hans Zellhoefers, who was a Markgraeflicher citizen/subject, married MARGARETHA, a citizen/subject of Brachbach.

Additional information:
Copuliert = married, it comes from the Latin word "copulation"
Angehender = he had not yet fully established his rights to live in the community as a "Buerger" / citizen. In the past you needed permission to be considered a "full-fledge" citizen. The word "angehender" was used to describe, that a person was living in this area, but that he has not yet fully established his rights to be considered a citizen.
Unterthan = is a subject/citizen/serf of a noble lord who rules the area
Markgrafschaft = Property of a Margrave, rules by a Marquess/Marchioness
Marggraeflicher Unterthan = a person living as a subject/citizen/serf in an area ruled by a Marquess
Gewesener = a word used to describe that a person had died before a certain date, in this case it means the Father had died at some time before the marriage occurred.

from Robert Rogner:

Hi Ron, this is my attempt. There are some doubts, but maybe it helps a little.

Anno 1695 Nach dreimaliger Proclamation, 22, 23, 24 Trin. wurden ehrlich copuliert 5. November der bescheidene Hanns Zellhöfer, ledigen Standes Teutschherrenl. und angehender Unterthan zu Brachbach, des weyland ehrbaren Hannsen Zellhöfers, gewesten Markgräflichen Unterthan und Baders zu ***derrsdorf in die Pfarrei ??Dietenhofen ?? gehörig nachgelassener ehe-leiblicher Sohn mit Margaretha weyland Hannsen Landshuter gewesener Teutschherrenl. Unterthan zu Brachbach, nachgelassene Wittwen. War das Hochzeitsmahl zu ????

BTW: The Zellhöfer name is rather well researched. It seems that the Zellhöfer had to leave their homes in Lower Austria in the early 17th century for religious reasons. They probably were Protestants. It seems that Hanns Zellhöfer married Margaretha Landshuter, a widow. But the copy is rather poor and hard to read. "Teudtschherrl." in my opinion means that the land was in the property of the "Deutschorden." Good luck Robert

by RonKZ:  Following is Google translation German>English of Robert's work:

Anno after 1695 threefold Proclamation, 22, 23, 24 Trin. honestly copuliert 5. November the modest Hanns Zellhoefer, single conditions Teutschherrenl. and beginning Unterthan to breaking brook [Brachbach], weyland the respectable Hannsen Zellhoefers, gewesten Markgraeflichen Unterthan and Baders too *** derrsdorf into the Pfarrei??Dietenhofen?? duly left before leiblicher son with Margaretha weyland Hannsen Landshuter of been Teutschherrenl. Unterthan to breaking brook [Brachbach], left Wittwen. Was the wedding meal too????

from Alfons Roithmayer:



HochzeitsRegister Anna 1695

12 . Nach dreimaliger Proclamation, 22, 23, 24. Trin. wurden

Hanns Zellhöfer ehelich copuliert ? 5. Novemb. der bescheidene

und Margaretha Hanns Zellhöfers, ledigen Stands, Teutschherrl.

in Brachbach und angehender Unterthan zu Brachbach, des weyl.

erbaren Hannsen Zellhöfers, gewesenen Marggräfl. Unterthanens und Bauers zu Lendersdorff in die Pfarrei Diedenhofen gehörig, nachgelassener(?) eheleiblicher Sohn,

mit Margaretha, wey : Hannsen Landshuters, gewesenen Teutschherrl. Unterthan zu Brachbach, nachge- lassene Witwe. War das Hoezeitmal zu NirnPerg. 13. 24, 25, 26. Trin. wurden hir proclamirt, und ...Explanation:

Probablay this is page 288, certainly it was the 12th marriage in Obernzenn parish in 1695.

Present-day spelling of the villages and towns:

Lendersdorff = Lentersdorf (Dietenhofen Township)

Diedenhofen = Dietenhofen (Kreis Ansbach)

NirnPerg = Nürnberg (in Englisch: Nuremberg)

Trin. : abbreviation of Trinitas; Trinitas = Sunday after Whitsunday,

So 24. Trin. is the 24th Sunday after Whitsunday

Marriage on November 5, 1695 (12th marriage in Obernzenn Parish in that year):
Bridegroom: John Zellhoefer, who will in the future live in Brachbach; he is the son of John Zellhoefer, farmer in Lentersdorf, Dietenhofen Parish, who has already died.
Bride: Margaretha, a widow; her former husband John Landshuter was living in Brachbach.
The wedding meal was in Nuremberg.
(no single word in this marriage record mentions anything about Austria)

from "AlijaBav"

Hi Alfons, Robert and Mani,
Gratulation - Congratulations! You did an absolutley SUPER JOB with figuring out this text. Boys, you are simply great! ["Jungs" oder "meine Herren", euere/Ihre Entzifferungsarbeit ist einfach toll! Man merkt, dass ihr/Sie sehr viel Erfahrung im Umgang mit alten Texten habt].
Your figuring out the "Teutschherrenl" part was simply great. I haven't been able to get anything out of this word. But now, it's much clearer.
Maybe your "Teutschherrenl." has something to do with the "Deutsch Orden", mentioned in the additional information I send to Ron with this email (see end of mail).
Concerning Alfons question:
> They may have special comments about my transcription, as Robert
> transcribed the occupation of John Zellhoefers father as
> "Bader", whereas I am pretty sure that he was a "Bauer" (farmer).

My tendency here is to think the word for the fathers occupation is
"Bader" [= barber, surgeon] instead of "Bauer" [=farmer]
The third letter in the word seems to be a "D" for me.
[sorry Ron, the next is easier to explain for me in German]
Der dritte Buchstabe in diesem Wort hat den "Bauch" vom alten "d" und die sehr typische "Schleife" nach oben. Siehe hierzu auch das "d" des Wortes "und" am Anfang der vierten Zeile (und angehender Unterthan...]. Da beide Buchstaben sehr aehnlich sind, vermute ich hier eher ein "d" und damit das Wort "Bader".
But anyhow, Alfons and Robert, you have already shown with your work, that here both of you are far more experienced then I am, so I would like to leave it up to you both, what you think is the right transcription.
It was fun "working" together with you! Regards, Alija

Summary by RonKZ ~ From all then excellent input above, and integrating other facts found in other research, the essence of this marriage record would be that

On 5 Nov 1695 in Obernzenn parish, Hans Zellhöfer of Lentershofen wed the widowed Margaretha nee: Hartmann Landshuter of Brachbach.  

They were to live in Brachbach [on the farm left to Margaretha].  Their wedding meal was held in Nuremberg [perhaps that was their honeymoon(?) as Nuremburg was some distance from  away!].

Hans was a single man whose father Hans was earlier deceased.  The groom Hans was not yet a citizen, which would suggest he came with family from elsewhere, which we believe was probably Gresten, Niederoestereich, Austria.

Marriage banns were posted 3 times on the 22nd, 23rd & 24th Sunday after WhitSunday (?).

From ownership records are found the farm 1267 Brachbach 7 owned by Landshuter passing to Hans Zellhöfer in 1696, then passing to further Zellhöfer's thru until the last of the family remaining at Brachbach 7 sold the farm and then migrated in 1846.

Saturday, 12 January 2008 08:05 - US Mountain Standard time (Arizona) 

So this was a tough one for all, but between these efforts we have the gist of things, and that's good as this confirms much which was believed from other sources, this confirms and greatly enhances other information.  

Thank you all so much!


The names ZellTree, SolarSense Designs,  and all works within this website, are copyright 1998 thru 06 Dec 2009 by Ron Klotz Zellhoefer.   Permission is given to copy & print for private archival purposes only.  Republishing of DATA ONLY (not webpages!) to other websites is permitted IF credited to Ron Klotz Zellhoefer and ZellTree.  Please, let's verify and collaborate first!