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Comparing the Families...
Are Johann Joseph Zellhoefer and George Jacob Zellhoefer
the same man, or are almost-twin families actually separate?

We have two families which are so identical as to be virtually interchangeable, which is causing such great difficulties in determining which is correct, or whether they are really different families!?
Each family from separate Source -- children's birthdates compatible, with George Leonhard having the only absolute date from GGZ, but it matches exactly!

As of late 2003, this seems resolved, but if you have any information which applies to this family, please let us hear from you!!!

"died bef any grandchildren  born"
see >> d 1804
"Witch" Unknown Unknown Johann Leonhard Zellhoefer
Dorthea Winkler
Zacharius Hofmann
Katherina Federlein
George Jacob Zellhoefer <not named> Joseph Zellhoefer
Anna Margaretha Hofmann
Info from "Autobiography of the Zellhoefer Family" c.1915, by George G Zellhoefer - "GGZ", b.Wisconsin USA.  GGZ's father was  George Leonard and his grandfather was the subject George Jacob.
Both GGZ's grandparents died before GGZ was born, so he wrote was from what he heard from his elders in the USA.
Joseph's family was found in LDS IGI,  downloaded and imported into ZellTree,  then carefully merged, this family being the result.  In later findings in Bavarian records he was Johann Joseph, and more info on spouses of the children, parents, and other is found.
Marriage believed in "Ahrnsbach" spelling = Ansbach.  All their children were born on their farm in Ansbach, Bavaria.  Obviously that farm would not have been "in" Ansbach, but rather "near" or "outside"?   Married and all children born in Brachbach, which is located only 11 miles from Ansbach. 
Children (9) of George Jacob
& <unknown wife>
(birth order per GGZ mostly matches, but GGZ had only one exact date, for his father)
Children (10) of
Johann Joseph
& Anna Zellhoefer
see Fredrick below Birth order per GGZ but partly wrong and changed George Friedrich

NOTE:  Per GGZ Jacob was the oldest ???

10 Mar 1808
Johann Jacob
a teamster in Germany, hauling to Germersheim, Mannheim & Ludwigshafen ports am Rhein.  Emigrated 1838/1841 to New York, then Pennsylvania.
surname became ZILHAVER 
1810 No Jacob?

Jacob is & has been the most difficult to verify and match up.  However, we have now learned that Jacob was born before the parents were married, so he becomes a definite fit.

<unnamed dtr>
Married and remained in Germany
  Anna Margareta
m. SHERZER 1843 in Germany
29 Apr 1810
<unnamed dtr>
Married and remained in Germany
  Margareta Barbara
m.WALZ bef 1846
26 Aug 1812
Emigrated 1844 to New Jersey USA; NJ and MD residents today use the spelling ZELLHOFER.
  See George Friedrich above.  
Johann Leonhart
migrated to Wisconsin USA 1844.
m1 "Charlotte" 1846, she later found to be Margareta BENSIN.
m2 1847 Christina PFEIFER in Wisconsin.
1815 Johann Leonhard
married Christina PFEIFER 1840 in Brachbach.

NOTE: The Wisconsin marriage is verified.

28 Jan 1815
George Leonhart
migrated to Wisconsin USA 1848.
M1 "Anna" 1846, she later found to be  Walbiergis Bensin. 
M2 1848 J C Fredericka TARTSCH.
1 Apr 1818 Georg Leonhard 1 Apr 1818
migrated 1846 to Wisconsin USA
m. DEBEREINER. 1847 GGZ called her the "youngest sister" & that Christine was 14 years old in 1840-41 when Jacob emigrated -
GGZ said b.1827, but headstone says b.1820 Christina Eva 25 May 1820
<unnamed dtr>
migrated 1846 to Wisconsin USA, soon died. 
"born between George & Mike"
est 1821 Eva Maria - twin
no marriage found
10 Dec 1822
No match - not known?
Maria Barbara - twin
m.1844 LEUPOLD
10 Dec 1822
John Michael
migrated 1853 to Wisconsin USA
(NOT w/family in 1846 with family as per GGZ):
m.1 "Anna" of Urphertshofen, Bav.
m.2 widow Elnora (nee: Haverland (??)) Miller
17 May 1825

(from USA military records>

Johann Konrad

NOTE:  (aka??) John Michael found of this family, single when migrated Mar 1853.  With the difference in their names and birthdates, we cannot ignore the possibility that these were two different men, but

8 Aug 1825
GGZ did not know the names of 3 daughters, and if these are the same family as it appears, also did not know the b.1822 girls were twins. 

GGZ said 2 daughters "had married and remained in Germany", but did not mention that Eva Maria and Anna Margareta had been amongst the entourage in 1846.

GGZ had said Jacob was the eldest, and Fredrick next.  Given that Fredrick settled in New Jersey and apart from all the others, and was never mentioned again, quite possibly GGZ never met Fredrick.  GGG did seem to have traveled considerably around the USA (a roaming preacher, it would seem), and was found in one census in Pennsylvania near Jacob, also in Wisconsin, Colorado and finally California.

The given names - George Jacob vs Johann Jacob - are a real headache.  Even tho he never knew his grandparents, and tho much of what he wrote was correct only in a general sense, doesn't it seem GGZ would have gotten the name right ???

Joseph's family includes son Johann Konrad b. 4 Aug 1825 while George's tree includes son John Michael, whose birthdate of 17 May 1825 appears in his enlistment record in Wisconsin.  This birthdate and name difference are thus far impossible to resolve.  Apparently, though, Johann Konrad became Johann Michael after his birth was registered in the parish at Obernzenn, for the given name "Konrad" is never again seen afterward.

All of this tends to lower the credibility of the GGZ autobiography, although without it we might have learned much less.

Okay, just one more thing.  GGZ's "Ansbach" is only 11.6 miles from Brachbach.  Considering the vagaries of GGZ's descriptions of Germany, and that Ansbach is the largest town in the area, it's easy to imagine that the family farm may have been located anywhere around Ansbach.  A farm is not likely to have really been "in" any town, anyway!

Please, if you have any information which would help resolve this confusion, please eMail RonKZ.

The names ZellTree, SolarSense Designs,  and all works within this website, are copyright 1998 thru 06 Dec 2009 by Ron Klotz Zellhoefer.   Permission is given to copy & print for private archival purposes only.  Republishing of DATA ONLY (not webpages!) to other websites is permitted IF credited to Ron Klotz Zellhoefer and ZellTree.  Please, let's verify and collaborate first!