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This set is 3 handwritten pages listing the family/kinder of Johann Joseph Zellhoefer & Anna Margaretha nee:Hofmann, of Brachbach b.Obernzenn.  I know the family names, but not some of the birth-dates, and can't read some of the other information, which seems brief enough!
Work completed by Günter Ofner of Austria --Thank You,  Günter!

Monday, March 18, 1838 died Joseph Zellhoefer, owner of an estate at Brachbach.
He had with his first and only woman Anna Margaretha, still alive, born as Hofmann at Buchheim, the following 10 children, which all are still alive and all, exept the first, were born at Brachbach No. 1:

 [RonKZ:  above place was the farm at Brachbach No.7]

1. Johann Jacob Zellhoefer, born March 29, 1806 at Buchheim, illegitimate
2. Georg Friedrich Zellhoefer, born March 10, 1808
3. Anna Margaretha Zellhoefer, born April 29, 1810
4. Margaretha Barbara Zellhoefer, born August 26, 1812
5. Johann Leonhardt Zellhoefer, born January 28, 1815
6. Georg Leonhardt Zellhoefer, born April 1, 1818
7. Christina Eva Zellhoefer, born May 25, 1820
8. Eva Maria Zellhoefer, born Dec. 10, 1822  twins
9. Maria Barbara Zellhoefer, born Dec. 10, 1822 twins
10. Johann Michael Zellhoefer, born August 4, 1825

Except these 10 children, there are no heirs of Joseph Zellhoefer.

Obernzenn, Febr. 1, 1846
the royal bavarian rectory
Joh. Schneider parson


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