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3569jmz6feb1846.jpg (381692 bytes)

Here are 4 separate documents, but somehow related to all the others.  This batch was probably the most difficult, and we're not sure yet if they're all done - so if you notice something, please drop us an eMail!  
This work was done by Herbert Jordan & Alfons Roithmayer, a great job on a really tough assignment!
Hello Ron, okay this is what I could decipher so far:

1. German transcription
a) Lines 1 - 15 "3569 Geschehen Windsheim den 26. Februar 1846 Da heute die Mutter des Johann Michael Zellhoefer im Gerichte anwesend war, so wurde ihr die Marginal-Entschließung der kgl. Regierung v. Mittelfranken v. 13.ten pr. 19' deß Mts. mit dem Bemerken eroeffnet, daß demselben die Erlaubniß zur Auswanderung nach Nordamerika nur gegen Stellung eines Ersatzmannes bewilligt werden kann."

b) Lines 22 - 35 "...ihres Auswanderungsgesuchs noch in so lange sistiert bleiben müsse, bis die Auseinandersetzung mit ihrem abwesenden Sohn bezüglich des im alten Testamente ihm ausgesetzten Pflichttheils bemerkt sein werden wozu heute die geeigneten Antraege von ihm auch bereits gestellt worden sind. Margarethe Zellhöferin Margarethe Zellhöferin ...... Landgerichtskommission Dohlen (2nd signature not to decipher)"

2. English translation
a) "3569 Given Windsheim, February 26, 1846 Since today Johann Michael Zellhoefer's mother was present at the Court of Justice, she was informed about the marginal resolution of the Royal Government of Mittelfranken that a permission of emigration to North America can be given to him only, if there is a substitute for him available."

b) "...her application for emigration has to be adjourned as long as the debate with her absent son concerning the statutory portion mentioned in the old last will is solved to which today the right application forms have been made already by him."

Hope this is understandable to you. For the other part (lines 16 to 21) there is still no progress (very difficult handwriting)

If you may have any question please come back again
Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Best regards Herbert Jordan 

4171-1.jpg (474040 bytes)

4171-2.jpg (612265 bytes)

This one was never transcribed/translated, but we have the gist of it.

George Scherer, a master blacksmith, married Anna Margaretha Zellhoefer (daughter of Johann Joseph & Anna Margaretha Hofmann) about 1843. 

They also migrated to Wisconsin in 1846 with her mother and several siblings.

But see below - George had problems he had to settle before leaving! 

4202.jpg (379712 bytes)
Translation from Alfons Roithmayer
Geschehen Windsheim, d. 26. März 1846

Kappenmacher Morgenstern von hier bringt heute vor: Der Schmiedmeister Scherer von Limbach schuldet mir ? fl 30 kr für eine an ihn verkaufte Winter- mütze. Ich stelle daher die Bitte denselben vor meiner Befriedigung keinen Reisepaß zu ertheilen.

David Morgenstern Kurschner(?)

(Andere Unterschriften)

I. Cit den Schmied Scherer von Limbach auf Donnerstag den 2ten k.Mts.
II. und den Gerichtsdiener

Happened Windsheim, the 26th of March 1846

The hatmaker Morgenstern from here utters today: The master blacksmith Scherer from Limbach owes me ? fl 30 kr (=? Guilders and 30 Kreuzer = a certain amount of money) for a winter cap which has been sold to him. Therefore I make the request that he should not be given a passport before my satisfaction.

David Morgenstern (other surname)

(Other signatures)

I. Make the blacksmith Scherer from Limbach come Thursday, the 2nd of the following month,
II. and the usher of the court

Comment: The surname Morgenstern means “morning star”

4236.jpg (743635 bytes)
Translation from Alfons Roithmayer, another good piece of work on a tough project!
Windsheim, den 27ten März 1846

Die heute erschienene Ehefrau
des Schmiedmeisters Scherer Konrad,
Anna Margaretha geb. Zellhöfer,
erklaert heute daß sie sich
dem von ihrem Ehemann und
ihrer Mutter gemeinschaftlich
unterm 24ten l. Mts. gestellten
Gesuche um Erlaubniß zur
Auswanderung durchaus anschließe
und der ihr gemachten Belehrung
ungeachtet auf ihrem Ent-
schluß beharrt.

Happened Windsheim, the 27th of March 1846

The wife of the master blacksmith Scherer Konrad, Anna Margaretha nee Zellhöfer, who has come (appeared) today, declares today that she wants to join the application (request, petition) for emigration, which has been made by her husband and her mother in common at the 24th of the current month and that she insists on her decision regardless the instruction (advice) which she has got.

(There are signatures etc. at the left side of this document.)

Comment: It is not possible to decipher the last letter of Mr. Scherer’s given name (because the edge of the paper is damaged), but it seems as if the given name is rather Konrad than Georg.  - 

RonKZ:  Mr Sherer is George, from several other places in these documents.


The names ZellTree, SolarSense Designs,  and all works within this website, are copyright 1998 thru 06 Dec 2009 by Ron Klotz Zellhoefer.   Permission is given to copy & print for private archival purposes only.  Republishing of DATA ONLY (not webpages!) to other websites is permitted IF credited to Ron Klotz Zellhoefer and ZellTree.  Please, let's verify and collaborate first!