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Welcome to ZellTree's Migration subweb.  In this section are the documents relative to the mid-1800's migration of the Zellhoefer family from Brachbach, Bavaria to Wisconsin USA.  These documents are of two "Permission to Leave" applications, the first in 1846 and the latter in 1853.

This work on the Zellhoefer genealogy has been my full-time task for over 7 years now.  It includes everyone with every variation of the Zellhoefer surname I've ever managed to to find, together with spouses and families.  Much has been contributed by family members; this could never have been accomplished without that treasured assistance.  But this work is never done!

ONLY the names of the living, with no other information, is ever published to the WWW.   Facing so many privacy issues, and the latest hot issue of "identity theft", I would never handle this any other way.  Additional information is released for www publication only after an individual is known to be Deceased and so marked in the Legacy database.  This is typical policy for any  ethical genealogy researcher, and most genealogy applications are so structured in their default settings.

Visitors can thus be assured that communications regarding their families and ancestors will remain private as to living individuals.  You are encouraged to look in these files for yourself, and your family and ancestors.  If you find missing or inaccurate information as to any people, or of their dates and places of birth, baptism, death, burial, or of any other matter of note, please help this whole family by providing that information.  Old pictures, important documents, church records and entries in family bibles or journals are also valuable and most welcome!!

Tidbits of information can be handled easily via eMail.  If there is considerable data, it will be easier for you and so helpful to us both to exchange data via Legacy.  

Your assistance is encouraged and very much appreciated.  Thank you!

 Researcher and Webmaster -- Contact:

Ron Klotz Zellhoefer


The names ZellTree, SolarSense Designs,  and all works within this website, are copyright 1998 thru 06 Dec 2009 by Ron Klotz Zellhoefer.   Permission is given to copy & print for private archival purposes only.  Republishing of DATA ONLY (not webpages!) to other websites is permitted IF credited to Ron Klotz Zellhoefer and ZellTree.  Please, let's verify and collaborate first!