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These are the ZellTree pedigree files resulting from the research of Ron Klotz-Zellhoefer. All this information gathered since 1995 was possible only thru the efforts and cooperation of so many others -- relatives, www sources, and the friends made via the www over these many years.
We hope you'll enjoy your visit, and we welcome all comments, corrections and additions. Without your input this work can never be finished!

postcard photo c.1901, provided by Mani Hertlein

Photo c.1901 shows the (related) then-owners Johann Friedrich Eberlein & Anna Magareta Herbolsheimer with their family.  This home on small farm at Brachbach No.7 in Bavaria was homestead of my personal Zellhoefer ancestors from 1695 to 1846. 

It remains today, nicely refurbished and believed now serving as a gasthaus.

Brachbach No.7 photo by Mani Hertlein 2004

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