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Zellhofer, 'GrossenVater'-[1]
(Est 1514-)
Zellhofer, 'Vater'-[2]
(Est 1547-)


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Zellhofer, 'Vater'-[2]

  • Born: Est 1547, Gresten NOe 1
  • Marriage: 'Mater'-[321] est 1569 in Gresten NOe
  • Died: Gresten NOe

  General Notes:

Pater & Mutter were invented in order to create the connection between the sons Hans and Sebald. The only facts to support this are:
the close birthdates of Hans and Sebald
the locations of Gresten and Steigerhof b.Gresten
the absense any others found in that generation.
the fact that many descendants of both men were exulanten 1632-1671 in close proximity in the kreise's Ansbach and Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim

Because the records know to exist in Gresten do not extend back that early in time, we may never discover if this is a good and proper assumption. It's just the best we can do!

Perhaps in the other Zellhofer towns in Niederostereich might be found some further connections to verify or refute this created couple. If such information also cannot be found, the search for roots must end here.

'Vater' married 'Mater'-[321] [MRIN: 109] est 1569 in Gresten NOe. ('Mater'-[321] was born est 1550 in Gresten NOe and died in Gresten NOe.)


1 many (from the 2002 GFF database, which is a name list with birth/death dates and a location), Seq 154429.

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